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“Finding the best domain for you”

Are you looking for the perfect dotcom domain name for your business or idea. Are you running into dead ends? Are you frustrated all the "good" names are taken. Are you tired of staying up till 3am searching for ideas?

Then use my BIG FAT CREATIVE BRAIN to find you the perfect dotcom domain name!

A good domain name will help jumpstart your business and help identify your brand. With hundreds of domain extensions now available, a dotcom name is still king. People searching for a website will always type in .com before anything else. This is why it is essential to own the dotcom name first.

Here are the nuts and bolts of it. I will find you the perfect dotcom domain name for your business, product, idea or startup. I will offer domain name suggestions, social media checks and alternative name suggestions. 

Jim the Domain Brain


With over 20 years experience  in the domain name space I have found domain names and product names for international pharmaceutical companies, building and construction companies, blogs, newsletters, websites, photography businesses, web hosting companies, and travel companies.  And I can find one for you too.


20 original Dot Com names

Social media handles check

4 day delivery



  5 original Dot Com names

Social media handles check

3 day delivery



10 original Dot Com names

Social media handles check

3 day delivery


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How does this work?

Choose the naming packing you need, there are 3 to choose from.  Fill out the order form/questionnaire about your business, product or idea. Once received I will get started on finding your domains.

What is included in this gig?

This gig includes 5, 10 or 20 (depending on package) dotcom domain name suggestions.

Will social media names match the dotcom name? 

I will do a search to see how many social media names are available to match each domain name. In general it is harder to find the matching social media name but I will suggest alternatives if not available. 

Are the domain names you suggest expensive to register?

Premium domain names, meaning they are already owned by someone else, can be expensive to purchase, if it is in your budget it might be useful.  The names I suggest will all be available and can be registered for a low cost.

What if I don’t like the names? 

I am sure you will find the names provided to your liking! This gig includes revisions for up to 5 additional names. If you still don’t like the name suggestions, payment is still required for my time and service.

Do you do trademark searches? 

No that is beyond my scope of work, I focus on finding great domain names. You can do limited searches yourself online, more extensive research may require a patent or trademark lawyer.

How do I pay?

When I have the names ready for you I will invoice you the amount due. You can pay through PayPal.

Order Form

To order your domain name package please use this form. Answer all the questions the best you can. The more information you provide the better finding a perfect domain name will be.

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What countries do you serve?

Are you a local business? State? City?

Do you currently have other domain names related to this?

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What are your competition’s websites if known?

List any other details that you think will be helpful